Trio Colour Air Cushion CC Cream

Provides full coverage and suitable for all skin colour

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Trio Colour Air Cushion CC Cream


Purple color – whiten skin tone and brighten complexion. Composition of organic truffle, organic pomegranate and organic Chinese kiwi fruit extract, help to whiten skin tone.


Pink color – moisturize and repair dull complexion. Composition of organic ginseng extract, organic garcinia cambogia extract, organic cerasus vulgaris mill flower extract, help to build a moisturizing “barrier” to prevent dry skin, and maintain a long lasting moisturized skin from deep inside out.


Green color – Repair skin cuticle and skin damage.  Composition of organic pansy extract, organic vitis vinifera extract, organic chrysanthemum extract, organic aloe barbadensis mill extract and other hypoallergenic plant extracts, tighten the skin and restore a healthy skin radiance.