Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum

Enzyme Therapy Program is a 90 days detox program to help you cleanse your colon and blood, increase metabolism, enhance immune system and cure your constipation forever. Free Delivery in Singapore.

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Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum is solely imported & distributed by Yijiao Trading Singapore Pte Ltd. It is a detoxification product which speed up digestion and disintegration of  harmful waste and toxins in the intestines, It aids in the smooth excretion of waste in the intestines and eventually cleanse the blood of radicals and toxins, smoothening the blood flow and increase metabolism.

It helps to keep the youthfulness of the body clock by increasing body metabolism through regulating cellular processes, enhancing blood circulation and improving immune system.

For longevity & anti-aging health benefits, Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum gives your body the life it needs to heal itself and maintain good health.


Brand: Shi Shi Qing (时时清)
Ingredient:Pickled Green Plum (Green Plum, Sugar, Salt), Enzyme(Amylase, Pectinase, Cellulase), Glucose, Xylooligosaccharides, Vitamin C, Red Dates Extract, Selenium.
Directions: Consume 1-2 times daily, can be taken before food, after food, before sleep together with 200-300ml of lukewarm water.
Storage: Store at room temperature, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Refigerate for better taste.
Caution: Pregnant woman, young children and those with gastric ulcer, intestinal inflammation to consume with care.
Expiry: 18 months.
Manufactured date: printed on outer packaging.